Plastics Strategy of the European Commission requires ambitious implementation


Ecopreneur.eu and its member organizations and partner companies call upon the member states and the EU to introduce strong economic incentives to realise the Plastics Strategy of the European Commission. Read more


What we do

Ecopreneur.eu works towards improving the framework conditions for sustainable and circular SMEs across Europe. Ambitious EU policies, better market conditions, awareness raising are on our agenda.



Ecopreneur.eu currently holds seven national member associations from accross Europe. The organization was officially founded in 2016 All members contribute actively to the political decision-making process in their respective countries to bring forward a sustainable, green economy.


 Circular Economy


Ecopreneur.eu promotes concepts and projects fostering the Circular Economy. Circular Economy is an opportunity for sustainable growth. This is demonstrated by creating secure jobs, encouraging innovation that gives a competitive advantage and providing a level of protection for the environment. For this reason Ecopreneur.eu asks for strong government policies, which includes EU wide legislation, harmonization and national action plans to boost the circular economy.




Eco-entrepreneurs seek to create a business model that is not only economically profitable, but also implements environmental and social values. Businesses and start-ups have placed sustainability at the center of their business structure. This includes new products and services, improvements in the efficiency of existing firms, new methods of marketing and the reconfiguration of business models and practices. Ecopreneur.eu developed guidelines for some entrepreneurs to offer support and guidance to start up businesses who often experience challenges in the beginning. Ecopreneur.eu emphasises strong support for eco-entrepreneurs as they are essential in transforming the economy towards sustainability.


Green Economy


Ecopreneur.eu performs at a national and European level, providing expertise to help develop a more sustainable economy. A Green Economy aims to create wealth without harming the environment through the use of different economic models which avoid environmental and health risk, wasteful production and consumption as well as resource scarcities. 


Member Associations